Tours of Scotland

Scotland is the northern part of Britain and for centuries was a separate country from England.   In1603 there occurred the Union of the Crowns when King James VI of Scotland became King of England too.  The Parliaments of the two countries continued to operate independently until 1707 and the Treaty of Union, when Great Britain was established with one Parliament at Westminster.  In 1999 Scotland was given its own Parliament again, its new building in Edinburgh opening in October 2004 opposite the Palace of Holyroodhouse.  From the great Georgian city of Edinburgh to the Highlands, there is something for everyone to enjoy with our Scotland tours.  Come with us to visit castles, whisky distilleries, great houses and beautiful hills, lochs and glens.

Scottish scenery is outstanding and varied and within a few miles can change from mountainous and rugged terrain to fertile farming valleys.   Our culture, customs and music are fascinating and unique!